Air soft gun is a perfect alternative to firearms. It is the only sport of its kind that has become as popular as paintball. ASG replicas are perfectly reproduced with attention to detail. They are eagerly collected by military fans. The use of replicas helps to master the basics of weapon operation and to develop proper movement patterns. What else should you know about Air Soft Gun?

ASG - how does it differ from paintball?

The main difference is the type of ammunition. The balls used in the ASG are made of plastic with a diameter of about 6 mm. In paintball, however, large balls filled with paint are used. Another difference is the different drive of the replicas - the ASG uses an electric, spring-loaded or gas-powered weapon. The replicas used in them look very realistic, which allows for a perfect representation of tactical actions. Air soft gun is much less painful than the famous paintball. The trail that remains on our bodies is like a mosquito bite. So even children can take part in these games, equipped with face and eye protection. ASG replicas can be used for shooting targets, shooting competitions, simulating warfare or team trips to the forest.

Air Soft Gun - why is it so popular?

Airsoft replicas are used not only by weapon lovers, but also by police, army and paramilitary units. They allow you to conduct safe training and tactical training. They are extremely popular among collectors, because we can arrange the replica in the same way as the original. Hanging a rifle in the house, which looks like a firearm, and even has the same markings of the manufacturers, makes the fans of military equipment a lot of fun. Very fashionable airsoft entertainment, are not only a source of great fun, but also teach safe and efficient use of weapons. The replicas have the same equipment as real weapons, such as pouches and holsters. Using them in urgent or stressful situations on the square allows you to train the right movements such as drawing the weapon, preparing it for shooting and aiming. Moreover, air soft guns are a safe solution with minimal risk of injury to third parties.

ASG - what categories of replicas can we find?

Usually Air Soft Gun republics are divided into three categories:

gas - these are one of the most common models. When you press the trigger, the valve opens and the closed and compressed gas, which is under pressure, is released. This gives the possibility to shoot with an automatic series and is a reflection of a flammable weapon. Green gas is most often used for this purpose, i.e. propane with admixture of silicone oil or CO2.

spring-loaded - allow you to fire only one shot, then require reloading the carabiner. In order to obtain compressed air, the spring accelerates the piston, which compresses the air in the cylinder. The most common of these types of weapons are sniper rifles and repeatable rifles. Their advantage is the silent shooting.

Electric - they are very popular. This is a more expensive choice but recommended for beginners. They are powered by a battery, which is enough for a few hours of practice. They give the possibility of a continuous fire with a long range and are distinguished by their rapid firing rate.

What are the necessary accessories?

Although Air Soft Gun is a safe sport, a shot shot in the eye can be dangerous. So it's worth buying eye protection. Protective glasses or goggles are most often used for this purpose. These can be dimmed or transparent versions. The basic protection of the back and chest is a tactical vest. This is a practical choice that also provides a platform for carrying the device. In unfavourable weather conditions, gloves are recommended, which also protect against abrasions from the firing of balls. An interesting option are models with gel cushions and protective caps on the knuckle. When our ASG games take place in the forest, it is worth to prepare a suit in full camouflage. Air soft gun is the best and extremely interesting alternative to firearms. It gives us the opportunity to practice advanced techniques in the field of weapon operation. ASG gameplay is also a great team game, which teaches cooperation and support.

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