Innovative camping equipment is the key to a comfortable holiday. Without some gadgets it is hard to imagine camping and many others make the journey safer and more comfortable. What are the most practical camping gadgets that will make you feel at home.

Camping gadgets

Warm tea on a cold day or aromatic coffee in the morning? It's something every traveler needs sometimes. The camp kettle Helikon Tex can be a dream come true in such a situation. Simple and solid anodized aluminum construction makes this product extremely durable and lightweight. It can be hung over fire or used on tourist gas burners. The Helikon Tex camp kettle is capable of boiling water at an express rate. An ergonomic handle with insulation ensures safety and prevents scalding.

Poncho - basic camping equipment

Poncho is a basic protection against rain, whether we set off on a day trip or a long expedition. Not only will it protect us from cooling and getting wet, but it will also protect our backpack and its equipment. What's more, a high-quality poncho from the renowned Helikon Tex company can be used as a shelter from the rain - the poncho has snap fasteners that allow two identical cloaks to be joined together to form a tent. We can also set them up on the ground without worrying. The tent is resistant to damage, even when it breaks through bushes. It is difficult to imagine camping without this gadget.

A functional travel kit can also include a waterproof Pentagon bag. It takes up very little space and gives us a full guarantee that our luggage will remain perfectly dry even during the worst rain. This is because the double-guided seams are double-guided with adhesive tape and the closure is stiffened and rolled.

Tourist dishes will allow you to eat a nutritious meal.

Practical application during each expedition are professional tourist vessels. Fans of fishing, hunting or mountain hiking will be happy to prepare a tasty meal in them. Esbit pots are distinguished by their low weight and maximum functionality. They are equipped with a special container, which ideally distributes heat on the surface and reduces its loss. Thanks to this, we can prepare a meal quickly and efficiently, which will give us strength for further adventures. For a tasty and nutritious soup, Esbit cutlery is worth taking with you. They are made of titanium and are ultra-light and durable. These small folding tourist vessels will allow you to eat a meal comfortably, regardless of the situation. An extremely functional element of every traveler is also the Esbit tourist thermos. The special anti-slip coating allows safe use even in difficult conditions. The vacuum between the walls contributes to maintaining both low and high temperatures of liquids over a long period of time. It will prove to be extremely useful when we need a refreshment or a drink to protect us from cooling down. The Esbit pots, Esbit cutlery and Esbit Thermos will help you feel safe and secure regardless of the route you choose.

A tourist kit for every traveler

A set of knives is a must at every camping site. They are used not only in camping kitchens, so they must be reliable and solid. The Morakniv knife set is distinguished by its high quality Swedish steel. Both carbon steel and stainless steel models guarantee strength and hardness. The most popular survival knife is a model with a Scandinavian cut, which is perfect for hard work. However, each knife is designed for different tasks, so it is worth buying the whole set of Morakniv knives to find the best solution for each situation.

Practical camping gadgets can be your best friends. Innovative technologies make each trip safe and unforgettable. They will also stimulate your appetite for new adventures.

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