It is pleasantly soft, light and perfectly able to adapt to the conditions outside. It will keep you warm in the winter and pleasantly cool in the summer. And that's just the beginning! What is merino wool and why should you bet on clothes made with it?

Where actually comes from such a unique fleece? Merino sheep, thanks to which we can enjoy this material, come from Asia and are considered to be one of the oldest sheep species in the world. Only with time they appeared in other parts of the world, but nowadays they are most commonly found in Australia or New Zealand.

What is important - merinos have perfectly adapted to constantly changing weather conditions. In summer months their coat protects them from overheating, while in winter it gives warmth during rain and snow blizzard.

Merino hair grows constantly, so it needs to be sheared twice a year - usually in spring and at the end of summer. Statistically, an adult sheep gives from 5 to 6 kilograms of fleece.

Merino wool qualities

1. pleasantly soft                                             

Do you still remember those biting sweaters and scarves you once abandoned without remorse? Normal wool is often unpleasantly scratchy, rough and heavy. Merino fleece allows you to eliminate this problem.

The secret of this unusual material lies in very thin fibers (between 15 and 23 microns). They are flexible enough not to irritate or scratch the skin. The fur is therefore very delicate and soft, making it a pleasure to wear clothes made from it.

2) It has thermo-regulating abilities

The fibers of this material collect air very well, so they provide adequate protection on both cold and warm days. In addition, it can filter out moisture, which makes the garments made of it suitable for sports.

3. antibacterial and easy care

Merino wool does not electrify, and the lanolin found on its fibers inhibits the growth of dust mites or bacteria. This means that when you work out in clothes made from this material, you won't be scaring others off with unpleasant smells.

Also note the extremely easy care. Clothing made from merino wool does not require as frequent washing as regular clothes. They dry very quickly and don't need ironing. And if it needs a little freshening up, all you need to do is air it out.

Light as a feather

Clothes made of such a fleece do not weigh much, so they are perfect for longer hikes. They won't be too much of a burden in your overstuffed backpack.

5 Anti-allergenic

Merino fleece is also considered a good material for people with allergies or atopic dermatitis. This is because it exhibits antibacterial properties. Such clothes do not irritate the delicate and sensitive skin.

6 Ecological

Merino fur is biodegradable, which means that it will easily decompose in the future and will not be a problem for the environment. So the more merino wool a product contains, the better.

Living wool or merino wool?

What is the difference between classic wool and merino fleece? First of all, the thickness of the fibres - regular wool is usually between 27 and 50 microns, while merino is between 15 and 23 microns. Classic wool is therefore harder and much less flexible. It can also irritate delicate skin.

A merino coat, on the other hand, is characterized by its softness and flexibility, so it doesn't scratch your skin. It also performs much better on hikes - it weighs less than regular wool and wicks moisture better.

Merino wool for hiking

Where to buy merino wool to be sure it will be of high quality? It is best to bet on stores offering products of recognized brands on the market. Then we can be sure that the clothes will prove themselves on a tourist trail.

During an autumn or winter trip it is worth to wear a cap, for example Winter Merino Beanie model, produced by Helikon Tex. It is modeled after the famous United States Marine Corps USMC Beanie. It is made of 100% merino wool, which provides ample warmth in adverse weather conditions while allowing your skin to breathe. This versatile and flexible beanie will fit any head.

When trekking, the Merino Wool trekking socks from Spaio will also come in handy. Made of Australian fleece of the highest quality, they wick away moisture very well and provide adequate thermal insulation. Thanks to appropriate reinforcements, the feet are protected against abrasions and instep.

Cheap merino wool does not have to be a myth. All you have to do is search and you will surely find products that suit your needs. It is definitely worth it, because merino fleece has many advantages. The material is perfect not only for sports, but also for everyday use. It can adjust to weather conditions, is very soft and easy to maintain. Remember, however, that merino wool likes lower washing temperatures (for example 30 degrees), and it is best to wash the fabric at a lower temperature.

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