After a successful day's expedition it's worth sitting by the fire, relaxing, warming up and preparing an energising meal. Roast potatoes, aromatic sausages or marshmallows smeared on the tongues of the fire - there are really many possibilities. So how do you light a bonfire so that it doesn't go out and keeps your eyes happy for a long time?

If you want to surprise your family or friends with your skills, read our text and put the following advice into practice. Then everything will take place in safe conditions and without unnecessary stress.

How can you make a bonfire?

1. choose a suitable location

Look for one that is close to water and sheltered from the wind. Keep in mind that a bonfire in a very windy area (for example on top of a mountain) will burn at least several times faster.

2. prepare the area

It is best to prepare the place for the fire directly on the ground. To do this, dig a small hollow and remove litter from it. It is also a good idea to do this near the pit to make sure that the fire does not spread beyond the designated area. Surround the area designated for the fire with stones. This will make everything go more smoothly as the area will be insulated from the ground.

Also make sure that there are no dry pieces of wood or overhanging branches that could cause a hazard. You can take these away and use them as kindling. 3.

3. make sure you have good firelighters

Natural solutions work well - use dry twigs or pieces of wood that you find around you. Sort them out - start with the smallest sticks and work your way up to large logs. Remember to collect as much kindling as possible as you tend to use a lot more than you might think at first. Coniferous or birch wood is a good choice as it will burn extremely well.

4. stack the wood

Although there are many different ways to stack sticks, it's worth using one of the simpler methods. This will save you a lot of time.

First choose a straight and thick stick and stick it into the ground, right in the middle of the prepared space. Cover it with firelighters: needles or small sticks.

Then start placing thin sticks around the thicker stick. The structure should begin to take the form of a cone. What is important is that you leave a small space where you can put the fire.

Now you can expand the cone by adding more thick sticks to it, but still remember to allow space for air to flow. When you see that the wood is flush with the end of the upright stick, finish laying it. Congratulations - start the fire!

How do I light a bonfire?

Can you make a bonfire in the middle of nowhere? Of course you can! You already know how to prepare it, now you'll learn how to make it perfect.

In addition to firelighters and wood, you will need a good and safe source of fire. You can use a lighter, matches or a fire starter.

This last option is a good choice because it keeps you and your companions safe. Why? It does not contain gas, as is the case with a lighter. A flint will do its job in the rain, and it will not explode if left hastily in the sun.

Which one is worth using? For example Fire Flash Pro Large or slightly smaller Fire Flash Pro Small, both produced by Swedish company Wildo. They are made of thick metal sheet with sharp edges thanks to which you will strike more sparks than with ordinary flint. The ergonomic composite grip provides comfort of use.

How to light a campfire using flint? Hold the flint over the kindling at a 45 degree angle. You can also rest it on something stable - a piece of wood works well in this role. Then, you spark the fire with the fire starter. With just a few quick strokes you can produce sparks which will ignite the fire starter. The flames will be bigger if you blow gently on the fire. You're all set!

Making your own fire colors

If you're dreaming of an unusual shade for your campfire, you can try changing its color. Depending on the color, you will need different ingredients for this.


In this case you will need ordinary table salt or baking soda. Just add a little bit of it to the fire and the flames will turn an intense and beautiful yellow.


Use strontium salt and you will get a dark red fire, reminiscent of royalty.


Add copper salts to give the fire a blue color. However, the temperature must be quite high or the flames will become greenish.


A noble purple is obtained by using potassium. This intense shade is sure to please your companions.

Now you know how to give yourself and your friends an unforgettable show. Just choose the color that suits you best and use the right ingredients.

When the bonfire is over, be sure to keep the safety precautions in mind. Use the water supplies you have collected in advance and extinguish them thoroughly before you leave the place. It is very important to pour water over the ashes at least twice. Then you can be sure that the embers are no longer smouldering. Also make sure that you do not leave any discarded branches or other pieces of wood lying around. By following these rules, you will save other campers a lot of trouble. 

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