The warmest winter jackets must meet two basic conditions: Keep warmth and guarantee good ventilation. Although we rarely have to deal with severe winters, it should not be forgotten that thermometers sometimes indicate temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius. It is worth to be prepared for such situations and to be well protected.


When choosing the warmest winter jackets, we want it to serve us for years, so it is necessary to check what it is made of.

What material most often occur? 

Polyester - from this material many garments sold on the market today. Polyester has many advantages - keeps warm, as well as gives protection from snow and rain. It is also easy to clean, durable and does not stain.

Polyamide - it is abrasion resistant and very durable. What is important - it does not electrify, as is the case with polyester. Jackets made of polyamide very often contain an additional impregnation layer that improves their hydrophobic properties. In practice, this means that the material repels water molecules, which keeps the surface clean and not damaged.

Nylon - Most often used in sportswear. Nylon proves itself in the worst weather conditions, because, it is robust and windproof and resistant to moisture. 

Filling - which winter jackets really keep warm?

We already know that good ventilation and heat retention of body temperature are reason. The market offers winter clothes with natural and synthetic filling. But which winter jackets really keep warm?

There is no doubt that those with natural filling (for example, down or feathers) protect us from low temperatures. Nevertheless, the warmest winter jackets are much heavier than a garment with synthetic filling. Therefore, this option is associated with higher costs.

Jackets with polyester or nylon filling cope better with rain and dry faster. They are also good for allergy sufferers, who might be uncomfortable wearing natural feathers or down.

Winter jackets mens test

A good idea for winter can be the jacket MIG 4.0, which was created in collaboration with Mundurdienste. Thanks to their advice, the product contains proven, field-tested solutions. This best men's winter jacket keeps warm at temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius - this is ensured by the G-LOFT filling, which insulates even when wet and still retains its properties.

Outer material - Gore Windstopper - is breathable and makes it difficult to see the user with night vision.

Jacket KSK SMOCK is made of polyester and cotton. This causes the jacket is warm and light during use. The best proof of the quality of the product is that it was made according to the guidelines of the German Special Forces Command Special Forces (KSK) and its manufacturer - Leo Köhler - supplies uniforms for the Bundeswehr. The jacket was designed to be universal, so in winter conditions it is worth wearing it over a base layer. What is important - it contains twelve pockets, which will certainly be useful to carry the necessary equipment.

Tactical winter jacket HUSKY was designed for police and other mundur services. This best men's winter jacket can be used at low temperatures. This is possible thanks to the CLIMASHIELD® APEX layer - forms the "artificial down". The microfibers that make it up provide thermal insulation even after soaking. The outside of the jacket is covered with nylon to provide additional wind protection

The other proposal is Wolfhound Hoodie jacket, stands out especially with its lightness. The Climashield Apex insulation included in it not only warms in all conditions, but also dries quickly when wet. The outer layer is made of nylon, which protects against rain, cold and drafts. In addition, it has lower pockets lined with fleece to protect your hands from the cold.

The last proposal from the good winter jacket - jacket Level 7 - guarantees comfort even during the bad weather. This is ensured by Climashield Apex insulation filling and DWR impregnation, which act as a special protective barrier and slow down the absorption of water from the fabric. A two-way zipper with thermal strips helps to keep warm.

This winter jackets herren test can help in choosing properly warm winter jacket. 

which jackets keep you warmest? 

If you need coverage that can withstand the toughest weather conditions, choose a model with Climashield Apex insulation layer or DWR waterproofing. It can be a proposal from the Husky or Level 7 series. This properly warm winter jacket also have the ability to regulate the lower part of the jacket with cords. If we pay attention to all these elements, the frost will certainly not be bad.

Choosing the right warm winter jacket is always a challenge. You should carefully check what it is filled with and whether it contains cords that provide additional protection from the cold. Some models also have a hood, which is convenient if you forget your hat. Best herren winterjacke are those that are tailored to the owner. Some are more suitable for training and others for regular use. When choosing which jackets keep warmest, think about the quality and functionality of the best herren winterjacke. Then you can be sure that the jacket will meet our expectations.

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