Alta® Tactical AltaFLEX 360 Vibram Cap® Knee Pads - Olive Green

Alta® Tactical AltaFLEX 360 Vibram Cap® Knee Pads - Olive Green

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Professional Altaflex knee pads reinforced with Vibram® shell provide maximum flexibility and fit to the user.

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The latest version of the professional AltaFLEX 360 knee pads from the renowned ALTA Industries company. The knee pad has a three-section construction to ensure maximum flexibility and fit to the user. In this model, for a better fit, the outer shell was made and designed in cooperation with the Vibram brand. The rubberized material with a special tread is designed to protect the knee from injuries and provide good stabilization, especially on slippery surfaces. The middle and inner parts are made of soft material and shock-absorbing foam 1.3 cm thick. The mounting system is based on two straps with triangular, patented AltaLok hooks. The lower fastening is made of non-stretchy nylon tape, the upper one is made of elastic. Additionally, a rubberized, non-slip tape has been sewn under the upper fastening. The effect of such a combination of materials is very good and firm grip on the leg during dynamic movement. Alta knee pads have been used for years by special units of the US Army, Polish army and police formations.

  • Durable construction of the knee pad
  • The shell designed by Vibram® provides adequate grip, durability and 360-degree grip
  • The soft part is trimmed with Cordura® fabric
  • Two straps ensure a stable fit
  • The proprietary AltaLOK ™ system allows easy putting on and taking off the knee pads
  • Adjustable to fit most sizes
  • Weight: 386 g
  • Available colors: Black, Coyote, Olive Green, Multicam
  • Product code: OK-F3V-CD
  • Producer: ALTA Industries
Camouflage / Colour
Olive Green
Fabric specification
100% nylon

Alta has been active in the field of military goods for almost 20 years. The professional products of the company are used by real professionals, such as special units of the American Army, Polish Army Units and various police services. Extensive experience allows the company to constantly improve its products and introduce innovations that increase the comfort and safety of its users. Before Alta's article will be delivered to the customer, they undergo a series of various specialist examinations to check whether they meet the high standards imposed by the company. The Alta logo is a guarantee of product durability, comfort of use and, above all, safety.
The undertaking of military or paramilitary activities is inherently associated with the risk of various types of injuries. ASG is also a sport that requires high dynamics and movement in various positions within places covered with grass or sharp stones, obscured by branches of trees and bushes - in such conditions the risk of hand and leg abrasion seems to be inevitable. Falling quickly to the ground to protect yourself from fire or by hooking your arm or leg against the branch while running through the brushwood, it is easy to tear the upper material and break or even hurt one of your limbs. Alta has been carrying out protective products for many years, thanks to which military units and activists of various paramilitary groups manage to greatly reduce the risk of injury.

Alta knee protectors

The way to effectively protect your knees from bruises and abrasions is to put on protectors for outerwear. To ensure effective protection of knees should be used military protectors, such as in his collection, for example, Alta. The use of protectors designed for skate or cyclists may cause unpleasant injuries - they are designed for tight-fitting clothing and using them in military or ASG activities is tantamount to a high risk of damage to health. Alta knee protectors are designed by professionals who know the military market well. Special fastening systems do not limit the user's movements, and a wide selection of patterns gives the possibility to match the product to each uniform.

Alta knee pads

Alta has in its resources a variety of professional, military knee pads (used in military units and characterized by high ergonomics). Thanks to the elastic fastening system (patented AltaLock system), Alta knee pads do not restrict movements in any way, and thanks to different color options they will suit any uniform or masking outfit. Alta leg protectors are a guarantee of safe actions related to broadly understood ASG sports or other military or paramilitary activities.

Alta shin guards

Crossbones are a particularly sensitive to the pain part of the leg - everyone probably remembers this unpleasant feeling from the times of school pitches. Also during all military and paramilitary activities, you are exposed to damage or breakage, which is why Alta has developed and created professional shin guards that match every uniform and provide excellent protection for your legs. Thanks to the elastic Velcro straps, Alta shin guards do not pose any problems when moving around.

Elta armrests

Crawling on rocks or gravel, tearing through thorny brushwood - these are all activities well known to people who have been in contact with military, paramilitary or survival activities. During such and similar actions particularly vulnerable to damage, breakage or injury are elbows. The company Alta, who has extensive experience in the design of military protectors, knowing the realities prevailing in this area has created special armor, which not only protects the elbows from all the previously mentioned disadvantages, will not restrict movement in any way but also perfectly fit into any uniform or outfit masking. The Alta armrest is designed by a company that also supplies professional military units

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